Where are all the girls going?


Where are the standout graduating Morris County girls lacrosse players going now that their high school careers are at an end?  This is a list of where some of MorrisCounty’s best are headed. Much of the information is courtesy of Laxpower.com

 School             Name                                       Position                       College

Chatham          Callie Farmakis                       Defense                       Stanford

Chatham          Liz Hyde                                 Midfield                      Dartmouth

Chatham          Jaclyn Leto                              Midfield                      Dartmouth

Chatham          Brittany Marriott                     Midfield                      Cornell

Chatham          Kallan Murray                         Attack                         Colgate

Chatham          Kate Murphy                           Attack                         Columbia

Chatham          Kelsey Perselay                       Midfield                      Georgetown

Mendham        Sarah Gillespie                        Midfield                      Virginia

Mendham        Carley Horan                           Defense                       USC

Mendham        Hayley Keith                           Defense                       Marquette

Mendham        Aly Messinger                         Attack                         North Carolina

Mendham        Maggie Sinzer                         Midfield                      Columbia

                                      Mendham’s Maggie Sinzer (Photo by Mark Kitchin)

Montville         Maura Johnson                        Defense                       Marquette

Montville         Shelby Lade                            Attack                         Trinity (Ct.)

Montville         Danica Witty                           Midfield                      MontclairState

Morris Knolls  Allison Kolacy                        Att./Mid.                     York

Morris Knolls  Camille Rosellini                     Mid./Att.                     Adelphi

Mo-Beard        Liz Pellicane                            Midfield                      Denison

Mt.Olive         Alina Santana                          Attack                         IndianaU. of Penn.

Mt.Olive         Alex Tepper                            Goalie                          University of S.New Hampshire

Mt.Lakes        Casey Drollinger                     Defense                       Holy Cross

Mt.Lakes        Emma Harris                           Midfield                      Skidmore

Mt.Lakes        Ingrid Hermanson                   Attack                         Dartmouth

Mt.Lakes        Hally Walker                           Midfield                      George Washington

Pequannock     Melissa Conklin                      Mid./Def.                    Stevens

Randolph        Dawn Faranetta                      Attack                         Arcadia

Randolph        Leanne Manning                     Midfield                      American

West Morris    Emily Delaney                        Mid./Att.                     C. W. Post


About mcvbb

Mark Kitchin is a boys varsity basketball writer for the Morris County New Jersey area

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