Where are the boys going ?

By Mark Kitchin


Where are they going?

Plenty of Morris County lacrosse players are bringing their games to colleges across the country next fall and hope to compete as freshmen in the spring. Some have been highly recruited, others will be walk on hopefuls and still others will be playing club lacrosse on teams that are do not have official programs, but all represent another graduating class of outstanding lacrosse talent in Morris County and the state of New Jersey. Here’s a list of some of those players who will be moving on.

Name                                         Position         School                          College

Nick Mazzeo                           Defense           Boonton                      Centenary


Jack Eisenreich                     Midfielder      Chatham                     Michigan

Jake Finnen                           Att./Midf.      Chatham                     Mississippi

Nick Guida                             Attack            Chatham                     Fairfield

Sam Nestler                           Goalie              Chatham                      Mount St.Mary

John Radigan                        Defense          Chatham                      Yale

A.J. Sweetin                          Defense          Chatham                      Misericordia


John Barney                            Attack             Delbarton                   Maryland

Jack Breit                                Attack             Delbarton                    Harvard

Clay Haarmann                       Attack             Delbarton                    Holy Cross

Anthony Heaton                     Midfielder       Delbarton                   Georgetown

Spenser Huston                       Defense           Delbarton                   Princeton

Jack Kephart                           Midfielder       Delbarton                   Roanoke

Jack Malloy                             Attack             Delbarton                    Cornell

Peter McMullen                      Midfielder       Delbarton                    Bucknell

Ben Reynolds                         Midfielder       Delbarton                   Princeton


Brett Anton                             Goalie             Madison                       Delaware

Colin McLinden                      Midfielder      Madison                     Fairfield

George Thompson                   Defense          Madison                    Sacred Heart

Chad Smith                             Attack            Madison                         Roanoke


Anthony Desiderio                 Defense           Mendham                   High Point                  

Anthony Lombardo                Attack             Mendham                   Scranton

Brian Schupack                       Defense           Mendham                    Oberlin

Harrison Wardle                      Midfielder       Mendham                    BYU


Patrick Johnson                       Goalie             Montville                     Misericordia

Nick Mayse                             Att./Midf.         Montville                    Montclair State

Andrew Reynolds                   Midfielder      Montville                     Misericordia


Liam Kelly                              Attack             Morris Catholic          Maywood


Vin Gencarelli                         Att./Midf.      Morris Hills                Stockton         


Tom Struble                            Goalie              Morris Knolls             Alabama


Ross Blanchard                       Attack            Morristown                Rhode Island

Kyle Goss                               Midfield         Morristown                   Salisbury                    

Mike Norton                           Defense          Morristown                 BYU

Alec Schunk                            Defense          Morristown                 McDaniel


Tim Donovan                          Att./Midf        Mo-Beard                    Mount St.Mary’s

Jake Fishter                             Attack             Mo-Beard                    W.New England


Peter Shaver                            Attack             Mount Olive               MontclairState


Bill Burgoyne                          Attack            Mt.Lakes                    Stevenson

Jeff Chang                              Defense          Mt.Lakes                      Tufts

Greg Cuccinello                      Midfield         Mt.Lakes                   Towson

Nick D’Aloia                          Midfield         Mt.Lakes                    Muhlenberg

Tim LaBeau                            Midfield         Mt.Lakes                    Tufts

Connor O’Leary                      Defense          Mt.Lakes                   Rollins

Andrew Portnoy                     Attack            Mt.Lakes                   Michigan

Tanner Tripucka                      Midfield         Mt.Lakes                  Sacred Heart


Ryan Afflitto                          Goalie              Pequannock                Montclair State

Ryan Macejka                         Attack             Pequannock                Montclair State


Gil Swenson                            Defense          Randolph                      Clemson

John Yachmetz                       Midfield         Randolph                    Muhlenberg


Robert Snow                           Defense           Roxbury                     Montclair State


Conor Boyland                       Midfield          West Morris                Susquehanna  

Dennis Jordan                         Midfield          West Morris               Scranton

Ryan Millard                           Defense           West Morris               Scranton


About mcvbb

Mark Kitchin is a boys varsity basketball writer for the Morris County New Jersey area

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